Gower: From transit to transparency – my priorities for Ottawa

By Glen Gower, Ottawa Citizen, December 20, 2018

Seven new Ottawa city councillors recently took their seats at city hall. We invited them to outline their priorities. Today, Glen Gower of Stittsville ward:

As a first-time councillor I have no qualms admitting that I’m focused first on the priorities of my ward. Fortunately, Stittsville’s priorities align closely with those of the city as a whole: transportation, economic development, traffic safety and community engagement.

1. Transportation infrastructure. One of the greatest investments a city can make is building connections that allow residents to move freely inside and outside of their communities. In Stittsville, two road projects are high priorities: modernizing Carp Road, and finishing the Robert Grant extension from Fernbank to the Queensway. But roads alone are not going to solve our transportation challenges. Stittsville’s population could double in the next 25 years and the only affordable way to provide mobility is with investment in rapid transit: rail and buses.


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