Van den Ham: These Ottawa cycling deaths didn't have to happen

By Doug Van Den Ham, Ottawa Citizen, December 13, 2018

(...)But even if it isn’t one of our friends, we all know it’s someone’s friend or family member. Many of us have been through this before. There are too many killed on our streets. And each loss touches our community in a profound way. Each loss touches someone’s family, their work place, or their social group in a profound way.

But this doesn’t have to be. Every one of these deaths didn’t have to happen. We could choose to settle for no more than zero – because each death is preventable.

Police investigate the death of cyclist Junfeng Wu, struck by a taxi on the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway last week. Wayne Cuddington / Postmedia

The 2012 Ontario Coroners Report into Cycling Fatalities stated: “… It is important to note that deaths resulting from cycling collisions, just like motor vehicle collision deaths and pedestrian deaths, are not ‘accidents’ in the sense that all of these deaths were predictable, and therefore preventable.”

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