Tiny house workshop coming to Vankleek Hill

By James Morgan, The Review, December 14, 2018

Are you looking for a smaller, simpler home that is easy on your bank account, and the environment? You can find out how to build one, thanks to a workshop taking place from February 8 to 10 at Zudio in Vankleek Hill.

Kenton Zerbin, an Alberta-based expert in the “tiny home” movement that is popular across North America right now, will be conducting a workshop on how to build one of the diminutive domiciles.

The other places Zerbin gives his workshops include Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, and Toronto. When asked why he chose to give one in a much smaller place like Vankleek Hill, he said that his organizer in Ottawa suggested it because Zudio has the space, and Vankleek Hill is located halfway between Ottawa and Montreal, which makes it easy for people from either city to attend.


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