New Presto app will (eventually) let customers pay from their smartphones

By Trevor Oattes, Ottawa Citizen, December 14, 2018

Presto card users, rejoice.

Metrolinx, the Crown agency that oversees the Presto system, has just released a new beta version of an app that will eventually allow customers to avoid the line by loading their cards directly from their smartphones.

Presto customers everywhere have fallen victim to the huge lineups that form in front of OC Transpo service centres. This new app seems to provide a potential solution to the inconvenience, allowing users the chance to load their passes from the luxury of their own homes.

Users will be able to load funds directly using their debit or credit card, check the remaining balance of their account and set up a notification system to alert them when their funds are too low or their passes near expiry. The app will also provide email receipts for purchases and allow customers to manage up to 10 cards on one account.

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