Buy local, give local: The ultimate Ottawa gift guide this holiday season

By Bruce Deachman, Ottawa Citizen, December 6, 2018

There’s a warm mulled-wine kind of feeling you get whenever you see a friend or family member’s eyes light up after opening a gift you’ve given, and it’s clear you chose the perfect sweater/book/bottle/widget.

But what if you could also make ANOTHER person — a neighbour — just as exultant with that same holiday gift without lifting another mittened finger? Now wouldn’t that be one swell season?

It’s easier than you think.

By buying locally produced gifts, you are effectively doubling the volume of cheer bubbling throughout the region, bringing mirth and merriment to both Uncle Harry AND the woman in Perth who made the Butter Tart Moonshine that he’ll soon be pleasantly sloshed on. And, why, with that much joy bundling down our snowy streets, there’ll be no call anymore to add Zoloft to your figgy pudding. Everybody wins (except maybe Pfizer).

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