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By Michael Hewes and Catherine Connelly, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, December 7, 2018

(...)Imagine a pine forest park at LeBreton

Re: Letter, Arena might not boost attendance. Dec. 6.

This letter-writer is right. Instead of a questionable stadium, imagine what we would have today if LeBreton Flats had been planted with pine trees in 1960: a wonderful pine forest park reflecting Ottawa’s history. This could still be done in spite of the bare rock in this area. It would be a breath of fresh air right next to downtown. Condos and stadiums can be built elsewhere.

A park would soften Lebreton’s sharp edges

I always hoped for an improvement to LeBreton, such as a park. It would soften the hard-edged depressing structures in the area. We don’t need more concrete and this option offers environmental, social, cultural, tourist and recreational benefits for all.