Good news on High Street construction front: water tests good, everyone is connected to water main

By Louise Sproule, The Review, November 27, 2018

There is good news for residents and businesses affected by the High Street construction situation. According to project manager François Lafleur, everyone is now reconnected to the town’s water main and all water test results were good. That means that the precautionary boil-water advisory will be lifted today. Notices will be distributed to the residents and was posted on Facebook, according to Lafleur, who sent the notice to The Review.

Paving on High Street is expected to be completed within a week from today. Sidewalks will then be reinstated temporarily (for the winter) in asphalt, as there were concerns the weather would delay the concrete work too much, and a safe walking surface was needed as soon as possible. Sidewalks will be redone in concrete next year (at no cost to the township/residents), according to Lafleur.

The blue plastic shreds which some residents have discovered in their tap water filters is caused by the drilling (tapping) of the water services into the water mains in the street. Every attempt is made to remove the shreds after drilling and to flush the lines, however some small pieces can still make their way into filters. It is nothing to be concerned about; the filters just need to be cleaned, says Lafleur.

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