Today's letters: What's really killing the oil industry

By Jacques Gérin and Ross MacMillan, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, November 23, 2018

Dirty oil is what’s killing Alberta’s economy

Re: Is corporate social responsibility killing Alberta oil? Nov. 14.

What is killing Alberta oil is that it’s dirty and it costs a lot of money to clean. But if we the taxpayers can afford $4.2 billion to buy a pipeline company, we can certainly afford a refinery to clean up the tar sands and offer a useful product to the market.

(...)Great Bear Rainforest deal a success story

Terence Corcoran’s pontification about corporate social responsibility aside, one thing is certain: The Great Bear Rainforest agreements on the British Columbia coast had nothing to do with Alberta oil. They had everything to do with the hard work of First Nations, the province of British Columbia, logging companies and other business interests, environmental organizations, and local communities to protect biodiversity in one of the most unique places on Earth while providing new economic opportunities in the region. Funding support, including from companies such as RBC, was vital.

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