Traffic calming pilot project isn't working, say Othello Avenue residents

By Drew May, 1310 News, November 1, 2018

Residents on Othello Avenue say the 3D painted "speed bumps" the city put on their street almost three months ago aren’t slowing drivers down.

The virtual speed humps are supposed to create an optical illusion that makes it appear a real bump has been built onto the roadway. Drivers won’t feel anything while driving over them, but according to a press release from the city, studies in the United Kingdom have shown they help reduce speed.  The thermal plastic speed humps are part of a pilot project that cost $3,500, which would be cheaper than building an actual speed bump.

Dawn Eady-Dowdall, a resident of Othello Avenue, said she hasn’t seen people slow down “at all” since the 3D bumps were painted on.

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