Today's letters: The synagogue attack, cannabis smoke and greenhouse gases

By Bruce Budzinski and Bruce F. Simpson, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, October 31, 2018

We need a ‘clean air’ bylaw

Most people would agree the smell of pot smoke is not pleasant. I read with sadness an article in the local Orléans newspaper last week about a woman whose house smells of this stuff because her neighbours smoke it frequently near the fresh air intake of her furnace. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg. We are going to see these types of issues increasingly and they will be worse the closer people have to live to one another, and certainly worse next summer.

Can you imagine sitting in your backyard with your kids on a spring day and having to smell marijuana smoke all the time? It would make it so you could not enjoy your yard, or a park, or even open the windows in your house. My right to breathe clean air should not be overruled by someone else’s right to get high.

(...)Moderation in all things environmental

Re: Letters – Carbon dioxide is not pollution, Oct. 27.

The problem with the argument that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant is that it is a half-truth. There are very few things that are good for us in small quantities that are not bad for us in large quantities.

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