Ivison: Heated political rhetoric on carbon tax does disservice to Canadian voters

By John Ivison, Ottawa Citizen, October 30, 2018

There has been a lack of rhetorical spine in Canadian politics of late. With trade agreements, pipelines and illegal migration debates relatively dormant for now, the political conversation has been a bit like the pudding Winston Churchill rejected because “it has no theme”.

The discussion in the House of Commons is aimless and MPs are only roused from their slumber when the subject of the carbon tax is raised.

It’s curious why it invokes such passion. This time last year the average price of gas in Canada was around 11¢ per litre cheaper than it is now. The increase envisaged under the Liberal government’s carbon pricing plan is about 11.5¢ per litre over the next five years – and that’s before any tax rebates are paid to voters in those provinces where the federal backstop will kick in (Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Manitoba).


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