City of Ottawa, residents to begin reforestation of tornado-ravaged Arlington Woods

By Jacquie Miller, Ottawa Citizen, October 21, 2018

The city will soon announce a program to replace some of the trees that were lost when a tornado ripped through Arlington Woods, residents were told during a solemn ceremony at the edge of a devastated forest on Sunday.

About 130 neighbours stood at a clearing at the edge of Bruce Pit in what was once a forest of 150-year-old pines, listening to speeches, music and poetry.

The tornado that touched down a month ago destroyed many of the trees that were a beloved part of the neighbourhood in the west end of Ottawa off Greenbank Road.

A city program will allow residents to choose trees that will be planted in rights-of-ways in the neighbourhood, said Robert Onley, a vice-president of the Trend-Arlington Community Association.

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