Today's letters: Sparks street, cars and climate change

By Andrew Lumsden and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, October 16, 2018

(...)Let’s make the city centre pedestrian-friendly

Re: Armchair mayor: Fewer cares,more transit options, Oct. 9; and letter, Oct. 13.

Whether or not “building more roads invites more cars” or vice versa is a chicken and egg argument. The issue is, as Brigitte Pellerin clearly outlined in her article, one of how we get cars off the road or at least reduce their number so that we do not have to continually spend money on widening roads and highways. 

Pellerin says that “city centres are made for walking.” Oh, that this were so in Ottawa. Instead we bend over backwards to accommodate motorists – why else construct an expensive LRT tunnel downtown? But put laments aside. Instead, as Pellerin suggested, let’s make it more difficult to drive downtown as opposed to using public transit.

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