Kitchissippi heads to the polls

(...)This time, it’s all about development

When asked about challenges and opportunities for Kitchissippi in the next term of council, Jeff Leiper had the same answer for both questions: development. “We need gentler intensification.”

(...)“I understand about the problem of re-development and there’s been an awful lot of talk about doing something about slowing intensification,” says Daniel. “The policy of intensification is the problem. But there hasn’t been very much that’s changed in the past four years. I think we need to change the mindset on council about intensification, spread it out along the LRT and have other wards take their fair share of the responsibility for intensification.”

(...)Safer streets

On this topic, Daniel Stringer hones in on bike lanes. “I think we spent four years focusing on bicycles and bike lanes, many of which are unsafe. My focus would be on paving the streets. I’ve identified 27 disgracefully neglected streets that are crumbling and need to be re-surfaced. That’s a priority for me.”

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