First edition Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival delivers thought-provoking features

By Kieran Delamont, 1310 News, October 15, 2018

With more and more people in the city, and the world, adopting a plant-based diet — ranging from vegetarians to steadfast vegans — the genre of the ‘vegan film’ has emerged.

You’ve probably heard of some of the big ones, like Cowspiracy, Food Inc., or Forks over Knives. Usually, they are films with a pretty simple message — that our industrial meat industry is either unsustainable, immoral, or both.

Until now, says Shawn Stratton, that genre of film has not had its own international film festival. But on Sunday, Stratton hoped to change that with the debut of the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival, held at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa South.

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