SNC accepting tree orders for spring 2019

By The Review, October 12, 2018

There are many ways for residents to take advantage of subsidies to help plant trees and South Nation Conservation (SNC) is encouraging interested residents to contact the office early to help plan their planting project. SNC has also added new funds to help property owners plant more trees alongside watercourses and farm fields. This is one of the new initiatives that the Conservation Authority is taking towards addressing the loss of regional forest cover.

In August, SNC published a report called “Protecting and Increasing Forest Cover in the South Nation Conservation Jurisdiction” outlining future recommendations including the enhancement of the Conservation Authority’s tree planting services.

Among the enhancements is a new subsidy now available from SNC for 1-acre tree plantings alongside riparian (watercourse) areas or windbreaks (alongside fields). Riparian tree planting protects water quality by acting as an organic filter between land and water, while windbreak planting provides wind shelter and protects soil from erosion.

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