Maxville water project over-budget, but mayor won’t say how much

By James Morgan, The Review, October 12, 2018

The mayor of North Glengarry is downplaying reports that the Maxville water project is $1 million over budget. Mayor Chris McDonell said the project is not quite half complete so it’s difficult to say how much over-budget the $10.5-million project is.

“I know we’re over-budget on some of the items,” he said. Sidewalks are among the cost over-runs, according to McDonell, who is not seeking re-election on October 22.

The project involves building a water pipeline from Alexandria to Maxville and then constructing watermains to serve residences and businesses in the village. Maxville already had a sewer system and water came from private wells. McDonell said some of those wells were no longer a source of safe drinking water. Work began on the project in May, including the construction of the water tower. The total project is expected to take two years to complete.

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