Tornado aftermath: Ottawa's battered trees will live on, expert says

By Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Citizen, September 28, 2018

Ottawa’s urban forests took a beating last week, especially the majestic white pines of Arlington Woods, but an expert on preserving old trees says it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the trees or the cherished forest.

“If a tree is alive and has well-established roots, there’s a good chance it will survive,” said Philip van Wassenaer, an arborist with Urban Forest Innovations Inc. and one of the authors of Ottawa’s 20-year management plan for its urban forest, released last year.

“The only way to find out is to take off the problematic parts — such as damaged limbs — and wait for the tree to tell you,” he said. “If you consider the (1998) ice storm, some trees were removed because their tops were damaged, but, if you go into the Gatineau forest, you will see that trees just carried on, and they’re fine.”

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