Today's letters: Governor General's a tricky job

By Kari Glynes Elliot, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, September 29, 2018

(...)Care about transit, even if you don’t use it

Why should you care about OC Transpo if you don’t ride the bus?

Traffic congestion – traffic jams, gridlock, no parking vacancy – are all words to strike fear into the hearts of drivers. Expect more this winter as transit riders give up on OC Transpo and go back to their cars. I’ll be one of them despite 20-plus years as an avid transit rider and fierce advocate of public transit.

Bus riders are mad. They feel disrespected and ignored. OC Transpo didn’t bother consulting with the people who use their service before making a huge mess of the system with ill-considered changes in September. Transpo hasn’t apologized. It hasn’t fixed the routes or the maps. It hasn’t communicated detours to riders, leaving people swapping hints on social media.

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