Reevely: Ontario's Drive Clean program to die in April as Tories shift focus to heavy trucks' exhaust

By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, September 28, 2018

The Drive Clean program that has tested Ontario’s cars to make sure they don’t pollute too much has served its purpose and will be cancelled next April, Premier Doug Ford announced Friday, but operators of heavy trucks can expect tougher testing of what comes out of their exhaust pipes.

This should save $40 million and end an annoyance for people who drive cars that are more than seven years old, who need to get their vehicle emissions tested before they can renew licence stickers.

“By ending Drive Clean tests and repairs for passenger vehicles, this government is reducing the burden on residents and families who own a car, so they no longer need to take time out of their days to take their vehicles in for unnecessary tests,” Ford said, framing the decision, as he does, in terms of making people’s lives easier.

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