Ottawa votes: Here are the issues that will consume our next city council

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, October 1, 2018

Step outside the door of your home and look around. Virtually everything is tied to a municipal responsibility.

Roads, sidewalks, buses, taxis, municipal parks, residential garbage, drinking water, police … the list goes on. Your property taxes pay for these things, so it makes complete sense that you should be interested in how the next city council will spend that money.

(...)Transportation: Can we make our street safer?

Big transportation issues, such as LRT, get plenty of air time at city hall, but the average taxpayer is more concerned about what’s happening directly outside their homes.

Neighbourhood traffic — how fast cars travel, where cars park and the volume of traffic — is a top issue in all wards, and councillors have been handed small budgets to buy traffic-calming measures. How are candidates proposing to slow traffic in their wards? It’s a question they’re hearing at the doors.

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