Maelyn Kaya goes green with her No Straw Ottawa Campaign

By Bradley Turcotte, Kitchissippi Times, September 26, 2018

Marine biologist Christine Figgener’s 2015 video of her team removing a plastic straw stuck in a sea turtle’s nose is difficult to watch. The distressed animal has blood trickling from his nose. He winces, clearly in pain, as the long object is extracted from his face. The video shows how the seemingly inconsequential act of using a disposable plastic straw can have serious environmental consequences.

Passionate about oceans and marine life since childhood, 15-year-old Nepean High School student Maelyn Kaya heard of the trend against plastic straws and thought, “someone has to do something” in Canada’s capital.

Maelyn is encouraging local businesses to offer alternatives or forego plastic straws completely with her No Straw Ottawa campaign.

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