Improving the relationship between Ottawa drivers and cyclists, one lollipop at a time

By Mike Vlasveld, 1310 News, September 27, 2018

Ottawa has a new crusader, taking to the city's streets in a mask and cape, riding a bicycle and armed with a bag of lollipops, looking to bridge a communication gap between drivers and cyclists.

Señora Bicicletta, Ottawa's self-proclaimed "(un)official bicycle diplomat," has been spotted downtown, in Westboro and Hintonburg, as well as in the Glebe and Ottawa South over the last month, approaching drivers through open windows as they make their Friday afternoon commutes.

"I'm trying to say, look; you're a human being, you're not just a driver; I'm a human being, I'm not just a cyclist," she explained. "We all just want to get somewhere and not kill or be killed along the way"

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