Today's letters: Doug Ford, don't tamper with disability allowance

By Alex Cullen and Roger Graves, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, September 22, 2018

(...)Deal with speeding on city streets

Re: Jim Watson includes nearly $1 million in promises in re-election campaign plank, Sept. 16.

Mayoral candidate Jim Watson chose to make economic development the keynote point in his campaign launch last week, promising $1 million towards this. Yet the number one issue for most community associations the Federation of Citizens Associations represents is speeding on residential streets.

(...)Ottawa can do better on garbage disposal

Ottawa currently disposes of its garbage in a way that any peasant from the Middle Ages would instantly recognize: It throws it into a hole in the ground. While this may have been an acceptable practice 500 years ago, it is hardly appropriate for modern cities today. Moreover, it will not be too long before the Trail Road dump is full, and some other unfortunate part of Ottawa’s hinterland will be designated as our next hole to be filled. It is time that Ottawa was dragged, kicking and screaming if need be, into the 21st century.

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