Egan: After breathtaking tornado, Dunrobin awakens to prospect of long, slow recovery

By Kelly Egan, Ottawa Citizen, February 22, 2018

(...)“You have to understand,” Ottawa police Insp. Rob Bernier told a group of about 100 residents at a 2 p.m. briefing, “this is the epicentre, right where you are.”

(...)An Environment Canada official was on scene and described the unusual timing of a tornado this late in the year.

“We rarely get strong tornados in September,” said David Sills, a severe weather scientist who flew in from Toronto, “and this might even be an EF2 (with winds to 220 km/h). There has never been an EF3 in September or later in the fall in Canada.”

Another Environment Canada rep, Peter Kimball, later said the tornado that struck Dunrobin and then rumbled across Gatineau was a “high EF3,” while a second tornado in Arlington Woods was “high EF2.”

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