Kitchissippi families are choosing flowers over grass, and here’s why

By Misty Pratt, Kitchissippi Times, September 12, 2018

The North American lawn is a bright and lush landscape, which can offer home owners a place for recreation and respite. Many summer afternoons have been spent on lawns, kicking around a soccer ball or hosting a picnic. However, as with any monoculture, the lawn is susceptible to invasive weeds and pests and requires a significant effort to maintain the desired look. Many hours can be dedicated to seeding, fertilizing, weeding, spraying products, and mowing.

Home owners are now turning to more sustainable options for their front yard landscape. “It’s a growing trend that people want to remove the grass area, because it’s so difficult to maintain without weeds taking over,” says Richard Bown, owner of Urban Turf Landscape Solutions in Westboro.

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