Egan: Coyote Scary — decoy used to spook Canada Geese at city parks

By Kelly Egan, Ottawa Citizen, September 15, 2018

Could the world’s most un-wily coyote be the answer to the Canada Geese problem in Ottawa’s premier parks?

Maybe, just maybe, we need a bird-brained idea to solve a nuisance most fowl.

At Andrew Haydon Park, the Ottawa River showcase in the city’s west end, the city is “employing” a decoy coyote to discourage geese from settling in, eating their faces off, then pooping all over the winding paths. Can’t take ’em out? Then fake ’em out!

He even has a name. On the edge of the pond by the bandshell, there is Cayou or Caillou — hard foam things can’t spell — standing at attention, his synthetic fur tail moving in the breeze. From a distance, he looks real enough. Up close, one can spot the moveable legs and ears, and a collar, which has fluorescent green stripes and the words “City of Ottawa” in magic marker.

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