Reevely: Public-private partnership means Ottawa's LRT delays happen in a black box

David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, September 10, 2018

The unique deal Ottawa struck to get its light-rail system built is keeping us from finding out exactly why we’re getting the thing so late.

The deal with the Rideau Transit Group, a consortium of tunnelling, building, track and train companies, was supposed to be a good deal because RTG had the know-how and flexibility to adapt if things went wrong, and powerful financial incentives to stick to schedules.

The deal also thew a big thick blanket of obscurity over what RTG is up to. The company has almost never said anything publicly about anything since the day in 2013 when the city picked it to design, build, finance and maintain the light-rail line through downtown. Indeed, it’s contractually forbidden to. The city government does the talking.

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