Editorial: Hop aboard the transit debate

By the Editor, Ottawa Citizen, September 8, 2018

Clive Doucet is the underdog in Ottawa’s mayoralty contest. Even so, he is rapidly proving why it’s worth listening to his voice in this race.

Thursday, he unveiled an ambitious vision for public transit in the capital region. There are things to criticize in his plan (and we’ll get to that) but the fact that he is offering a vision will enrich public debate. Incumbent Jim Watson may have thought further discussion of transit wasn’t needed, since the LRT will be officially unveiled after the Oct. 22 municipal election. But Doucet and other would-be members of city council want the issue of access to public transit on the agenda now. Good.

For instance, there is the issue of transit fares. Doucet wants to bring them down over each of the next four years, and hopes to expand free transit for seniors. (In Capital ward, Shawn Menard also has floated specific thoughts about making transit cheaper, and wants to test free bus service on Bank Street.)


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