Today's letters: Trumpless Tuesdays an excellent idea

By Marie-Laure Arsac-Shea, Judy Warren and Ed Storey, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, September 8, 2018

(...)Bus route too essential to change

Re: Some riders livid at OC Transpo’s fall service changes, Sept. 5. 

The article fails to mention that the area along Richmond Road now no longer serviced by Route 11 is home to the largest concentration of seniors and people with disabilities in Ottawa. It is common for members of such a population to find transfers between buses difficult or even impossible.

(...)Why I’m not voting for Watson

I won’t be voting for Jim Watson in this election. With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, let me count the “whys”:

(...)• Unreliable bus service because the focus of city hall is solely the LRT;

(...)Vehicles are destructive, yet we focus on guns

Following most long weekends, the police release their statistics for speeding and stunt driving violations. Last year, 341 people died on OPP-patrolled roads, up 11 per cent from 2016. Aggressive speeding and driving were also up 35 per cent and accounted for 75 of these deaths.

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