Reevely: If Ottawa wants a big shift to transit, Clive Doucet has a plan for it

By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, September 6, 2018

Clive Doucet would get a regional rail system running in all directions within four years if he’s elected mayor, he said Thursday, using industrial tracks to connect downtown Ottawa to outlying villages and towns as far away as Chelsea, Smiths Falls and Limoges.

He’d cut transit fares, keep 178 hybrid-engine buses the city intends to sell, and augment them with 12-seat minibuses on suburban routes serving his new rail stations.

Doucet’s plan would be a sharp turn toward transit and away from auto-centric transportation, with a change in spending to match. He presented it in a news conference on Lemieux Island in the Ottawa River, the south span of the Prince of Wales Bridge just behind him.

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