MCLEOD: transit service cuts and fare hikes undermine LRT

By Jonathan McLeod, Ottawa Sun, September 6, 2018

Earlier this year, there was a mini-revolt by Barrhaven bus riders. Under the banner of #lifeonthe95, they took to social media, chronicling all the late buses, cancelled buses, packed buses and other failings of our local transit concern.

With the LRT launching this November (we hope), OC Transpo will implement a can’t-miss solution for all #lifeonthe95 woes; they’re going to change the bus number! No longer will Barrhavenites be suffering on the 95. Now they’ll take the 75.

You can’t have problems on the 95 if the 95 doesn’t exist, right?

Obviously, this is not a solution. Without other improvements, transferring to 75 will be no different than transferring to the 95. Worse, if you’re going downtown, you’ll have to transfer to the train at Tunney’s Pasture (and to go all the way to Orleans, you’ll hop on the 39 to end your trip).

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