City cites construction deficiencies on Colonel By raised crosswalk

By Joanne Schnurr, CTV News Ottawa, September 5, 2018

They're called raised crosswalks. But motorists say that's just a fancy name for a speed bump and a new one on Ottawa’s Colonel By is catching many drivers off guard. The raised intersection is aimed at slowing motorists down but many are complaining the bump is causing them to bottom out.

Now city staff are trying to figure out whether that bump is simply too big.

When the light turns green, that usually means "go" but at the intersection of Colonel By Drive and the Corktown Footbridge, you risk bottoming out your car if you're going the speed limit.

“They should rectify it,” says one motorist, “It's not good at all.”

In fact, that's just what city workers are trying to do; figure out how to make this bump a little less bumpy.

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