OC Transpo fall service changes raise transit users' ire

By Taylor Blewett, Ottawa Citizen, September 4, 2018

Transit can inspire frustration at the best of times, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that OC Transpo’s LRT-oriented fall service changes have provoked the ire of transit riders in affected areas of the city. But for some bus passengers, the adjustments they have to make as a result of the changes are more than a minor inconvenience.

“I have heard a lot of nightmare stories already,” said Sam Boswell of the newly formed Ottawa Transit Riders’ Group.

Since creating a Twitter account for the fledgling grassroots organization, she’s heard from Route 11 and Route 12 bus users, as well as those in Orléans — among the routes most affected by the services changes instituted by OC Transpo on Sept. 2.

“People are suddenly finding out that the route does not go to the Rideau Centre anymore. It doesn’t go to Bayshore at the other end of the route anymore, either,” she said of the changes to Route 11.


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