Letters to the editor: Pipeline politics fuels our conversation

By Thomas Brawn, Ron Hunt and Morgan Duchesney, Ottawa Citizen letters to the Editor, September 1, 2018

(...)We need more than critics

I am no fan of oil. We should have stopped burning it decades ago. Given the problems it creates for the poorest of the poor in this world it is immoral to continue on this reckless path. But no one is listening to the minority of common sense thinkers I am part of.

(...)Trashy approaches to a real problem

Re: Garbage not a big issue with voters, mayor says

I couldn’t disagree more. Along with the horrible condition of our roads, the mismanagement of our waste removal system drives me to distraction!

(...)Ford latest to silence climate scientists

Like Stephen Harper and Donald Trump, Doug Ford has chosen to silence government scientists who might shed light on climate change. Were these researchers to deny the human role in catastrophic weather events; Ford would spare no effort to broadcast their findings.


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