Today's letters: Ford's 'snitch line' should be called out

By Mary Back, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, August 25, 2018

(...)Efficient public transit makes a successful city

Re: Limiting transit fare hikes a tough issue for council, Aug. 15.

Thanks to Shawn Menard for his intelligent insight into improving bus transportation by making it available to everyone. He recognizes that efficient public transportation is a key factor in creating a sense of community in the city.

With available bus service, more people will use the bus, the frequency of buses will increase and new routes may be created. Thus people begin to investigate other neighbourhoods and businesses will flourish. As people find they can leave their cars at home, the long lines of traffic in and out of the downtown will diminish.

It is a mistake to describe his proposal as free bus service. Bus service would be available free of charge because everyone pays equitably and everyone benefits equally. This is cooperation at its best. As Menard points out, his plan would take place by phases, each assessed for benefits or problems and modified accordingly. Available bus service for everyone must be an important goal for city council.

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