Dead trees line streets in Arnprior

By Derek Dunn, Inside Ottawa Valley, August 28, 2018

One, two, three, four, five dead trees in a row are spotted when walking along Elgin Street in downtown Arnprior. Others along John Street North are also dead; like naked twigs jammed into sidewalk holes. At intersections, sections of new plant beds are empty as deserts.

“If the intention was for a prettier downtown to attract business and visitors, then we need to make sure downtown meets that vision and hold accountable those who planted trees and designed the landscaping of plant beds,” said Lisa McGee, a council candidate in the current election who raised the problem with Metroland Media. “Many trees have died, and the plant beds look like wild fields, with sporadic gaps.”

The municipality’s two-year, $10-million downtown revitalization saw the replacement of underground pipes along with a daring streetscape that favours pedestrians and nature over vehicles. Yet one year later and many of the saplings have not survived.

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