Group offers to purchase, plant vegetation in Braeside

By Derek Dunn,, August 22, 2018

An environmental group is offering to purchase and plant vegetation in a section of McNab/Braeside.

At the Aug. 21 council meeting, Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Larissa Holman presented a plan for protecting the shoreline at Red Pine Bay in Braeside. The large parking lot and open space makes it easy for rain to carry foreign sediment into the river. The lack of vegetation leads to loose soil, causing shoreline erosion.

The group would like to see a variety of native plants, shrubs and trees planted throughout the area. The different types of roots would reach various depths and create a network that should strengthen the soil. Having rainwater absorbed on land will prevent, for instance, sand from plugging holes in pebbled areas under the river that fish eggs need for protection. Red Pine is known to have spawning beds.

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