Blue Shoes Honey growing Ottawa's beekeeping community

By Drew May, 1310 News, August 22, 2018

Brian Lacey doesn’t flinch when of hundreds of honeybees swarm around him, or at the thought of being stung in the face.

The founder of Blue Shoes Honey doesn’t even wear gloves when he opens up one of the roughly 150 honey bee colonies he keeps near Vars, Ont., about 20 minutes east of Ottawa.

“[Honeybees are] just a beautiful insect and the services they provide ecologically speaking are unparalleled, that’s pretty fascinating to me,” he said.

Blue Shoes Honey sells local honey at farmers’ markets around Ottawa, including the ByWard Market, Lansdowne Farmers’ Market and Westboro Farmers’ Market. Lacey also breeds queen bees and offers classes on beekeeping to beginners, something he is very familiar with.

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