ARMCHAIR MAYOR: Why Ottawa needs a 'River School'

By Meredith Brown, Ottawa Citizen, August 21, 2018

On Oct. 22, citizens of Ottawa elect a new city council. To help local candidates as they campaign, the Citizen asked people for ONE idea that would make the city a better place. Today, Meredith Brown takes the plunge.

Canada is a nation not just of lakes and oceans but of rivers. Ottawa is built at the confluence of three, the Rideau, Gatineau and Ottawa, and lies within the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem. In our nation’s capital, diverse minds come together and make decisions that influence the future of our water. Ottawa needs a River School to connect youth to water and to help guide and inspire our future water leaders.

Managing both Canada’s and Ottawa’s freshwater ecosystems is no simple task, yet is essential to human health and to environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. It’s widely recognized that we must develop the capacity of young people to contribute to the sustainable management of water and other sustainable development goals.

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