Transit app unlocks crowdsourced data to track bus locations in real time

By Taylor Blewett, Ottawa Citizen, August 19, 2018

GPS data was a boon for Ottawa transit users when it arrived on OC Transpo some years ago. But as many Ottawans can attest, it’s not always perfect when it comes to predicting accurate bus arrival times.

This week a popular transit app launched a new feature designed to show Ottawa transit users exactly where their bus is at any given moment, and it’s powered by fellow OC Transpo riders.

The new feature relies on “crowdsourced real-time transit data” to provide users of the aptly named Transit app with the ability to follow the location of the bus they’re waiting for — to the second. Think the same kind of vehicle tracking seen on the Uber app, but instead of your approaching Uber driver’s phone shooting out location co-ordinates, it’s the devices of other Transit app users riding on the bus allowing you to track its movement.

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