Making OC Transpo more affordable is a thorny election promise

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Sun, August 14, 2018 There’s probably a reason why only a handful of municipal election candidates address transit affordability in their campaign platforms posted online. It’s not easy to stop annual fare and transit tax increases. Freezing fares would require more government money to run OC Transpo, and more government money could result in higher taxes or cuts in other services. Transit fares might be a campaign issue in the Oct. 22 municipal election, but candidates will have to be creative if they push proposals to hold or reduce prices. In a scan of candidates’ websites, the most aggressive proposal on transit affordability is coming from Shawn Menard, a candidate in Capital ward. “Free public transit is achievable in Ottawa,” Menard said.

Home games this week virtually must wins for Fury FC

With less than a third of the regular season remaining, the numbers shouldn’t lie. Ottawa Fury FC has been to respectable at home at TD Place stadium this season, picking up 20 of 36…

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