Today's letters: The cycling debate heats up

By Erinn Cunningham and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, August 4, 2018

Cyclists deserve a safe space

Re: End the war between cyclists and motorists, July 28.

It is surprising, given recent coverage by David Reevely of the unsafe design for cyclists on Holland Avenue, that the Citizen would run a column proposing road safety education instead of safe cycling infrastructure.

As one of the organizers of the campaign for cycling infrastructure on Holland Avenue, I am confident that the hundreds of people who signed a petition asking for bike lanes, as well as the 100 people who came out to ride on the inadequate sharrows painted on Holland, did not feel comfortable with a paradigm where cars and buses mix with cyclists, and where everyone has an absurdly equal responsibility for road safety, regardless of vehicle size and speed. It is fair to say that this decades-old view of road safety, where education and enforcement are seen as paramount, has not made roads safer and has failed to encourage greater numbers of people to walk and bike.

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