Reevely: Tories' summer of dismantling will mean difficult autumn of rebuilding

By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, August 1, 2018

Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are setting themselves up for a busy fall of reassembling provincial programs and plans they’ve spent the summer taking apart.

(...)Ontario’s climate-change policy is blown up but a new one is coming, Environment Minister Rod Phillips says.

(...)It’s much the same with climate-change policy, on which the Tory position has been only negative since Doug Ford became leader. He’s asserted repeatedly that he believes climate change is happening, humans are substantially responsible, and humans need to do something about it, but what that might be, we have no idea.

The cap-and-trade system for limiting carbon emissions that the Tories have eliminated was an alternative to having the government instruct particular businesses what they can send up their smokestacks. Command and control from a central authority is very gameable by lobbyists and politicians with donors to defend.

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