Adam: Doug Ford needs to wind down cap-and-trade in an orderly way

By Mohamed Adam, Ottawa Citizen, July 25, 2018

Wherever you stand on Doug Ford’s decision to kill Ontario’s cap-and-trade program, the cancellation of the green renovation rebates is causing such consternation among small businesses and homeowners that the premier must rethink the implementation.

At the very least, Ford has to extend the Oct. 31 deadline the government has set for all work associated with the rebates to completed. Window manufacturers and installers in Ottawa and across the province fear that the cancellation of the rebates, and more particularly the deadline, will put a strain on their bottom lines and damage their businesses. Ford must listen.

“I’d love to have everything done by October 31. Nothing would make me happier, but it is not going to happen,” Pat Hunter president of Ottawa’s Comfort King Windows and Doors, told CBC Radio.

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