Reevely: As bad as the Holland Avenue bike detour was on paper, it's worse in real life

By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, July 22, 2018

The temporary bike route on Holland Avenue seemed like a bad idea when the city was thinking it up. As it’s turned out in real life, it’s worse.

This is a short stretch of north-south road that passes under Highway 417, and it matters because there’s a good chance somebody will die there.

For two years, the nearby Harmer Avenue footbridge over the highway will be out of action while it’s replaced. It’s the choice route for kids who live south of the highway who go to schools north of the highway, and plenty of other people who cross the 417 for other reasons. The city had a plan to put in a temporary two-way bike lane along Holland while the footbridge is out, which it nixed at Mayor Jim Watson’s request when 100 people signed a petition complaining about losing parking.

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