Letter(s) to the Editor: Neighbourhood safety and peace at risk

By Patrick Warner, Letter to the Editor, Kitchissippi Times, July 9, 2018

Winter has gone, the summer solstice has passed and construction season is in full bloom all across Ottawa. Developers are snapping up properties everywhere.

Pat Warner is one of several neighbours on Highcroft Avenue in Westboro who are worried about a proposed new development. Photo by Andrea Tomkins

Tre close neighbours have sold in the last 60 days.  I fully expect one will be torn down for two semi’s, like the last several older homes to sell. The other two are part of a parcel of land that is being consolidated, consisting of the entire end of the city block along Byron Place between Churchill and Highcroft.

(...)I would rather not play the “environment” card, but we will be losing the family of crows that will be displaced when the tall trees are cut down. We will lose the growing family of rabbits that share our lawns and yards year round. We will lose the squirrels and the chipmunks that drive my dog nuts. Highcroft will be inundated with many more cars, air quality will be reduced, dust will increase, and the kids who shoot hoops and play street hockey will be displaced. As my neighbour Diane is quick to point out, the bat population – which did an amazing job of keeping the bugs under control – have already been driven out by recent development.


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