Adam: Tall building syndrome – we don't need to let Ottawa Council get away with this

By Mohamed Adam, Ottawa Citizen, July 19, 2018

Ottawa Council’s recent decision to approve a 65-storey tower in Bayview is a betrayal of a commitment it made to citizens – and a classic example of why people are increasingly losing faith in their government.

But citizens shouldn’t just complain and fade away. Councillors will soon be knocking on doors seeking support for re-election. Mayor Jim Watson is the leader. Take him to task. Make this a litmus test. Show up at debates and ask the mayor, and ask councillors, why you should vote for them when they won’t stand with you when you need them. Ask why you should trust anything they say.

The fundamental problem is the city’s fixation with high-rises as the panacea for urban sprawl. This has become such an article of faith the city is blind to all warning signs about them. Next year, however, Ottawa will begin a review of the Official Plan and this will offer the best opportunity for citizens to demand change. Don’t miss it. Organize, prepare and participate.

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