When vegans attack: French butchers seek help to fend off acts of vegan 'violence'

By Laura Brehot, Ottawa Citizen, July 18, 2018

French butchers say they’re experiencing a swell of smashed windows and fake blood-spattered facades. Graffiti-strewn storefronts bearing slogans such as “Meat is murder” and “Stop speciesism” have been witnessed across the country. The perpetrators: “militant vegans.”

According to NPR’s The Salt, a growing number of butchers, particularly in northern France, have reported vegan acts of vandalism. They reportedly feel so distressed by the damage that they’ve asked the government for protection.

Earlier this month, representatives of the French Confederation of Butchery, Butchers and Delicatessen – a group 18,000-members strong – “demanded better security” from interior minister Gérard Collomb.


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