Today's letters: When approving development, how tall is too tall?

By Carolyn Herbert, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, July 14, 2018

(...)Place tall buildings in the ‘burbs

I am discouraged with the approval of the extremely high buildings on Albert Street. I do not understand why density has to be pursued in the city core when so many people choose to live in suburbs. Why is council not considering these huge buildings for the outer ring of the city?

The approval of these high buildings shows disrespect to the adjacent community, which spent time designing its community plans; and the size of the buildings, though on the LRT line, will create a wind-tunnel effect and cast very long shadows on the adjacent neighbourhood.

Detailed plans for the development should have been made public before the Council even considered approval – issues such as essential services like a medical multidisciplinary clinic, grocery store, and energy-and water-saving measures. And why did the councillors make their decision to accept such a huge change from previous height restrictions?

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